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Code: AAT/19/56 Curriculum Led Financial Planning (Primary)

Curriculum Led Financial Planning is a curriculum and finance resource planning tool for Schools to use whilst designing and setting their curriculum and structuring their staff. It assists Trusts to identify the curriculum that optimises the educational progress and outcomes of its pupils as well as ensuring the most efficient use of its funding and staffing resource. This course will focus on the underlying principles of curriculum-led planning, and considers how effective staff deployment can future-proof the curriculum against rising costs. Attendees will be provided with the CLFP spreadsheet tools to complete for their school.
The course aims to provide attendees with:
• an overview of curriculum and accountability issues, and an understanding of the key considerations and drivers when designing an effective curriculum
• understand how to plan the resourcing of a curriculum in terms of staffing, learning resources, and supporting structures
• learn how to use a common language in curriculum development and budgeting which supports streamlined, cost-effective timetabling
• understand the critical relationship between the key metrics of curriculum planning and financial resource
• understand how to use the Astrea CLFP tool in curriculum analysis and development, and resource-planning

This is compulsory for all Principals and SBM's

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 11 September 2019 09:30 - 12:30 Astrea Central Map